Guest Artists

Act II Reclaimed Wood also offers work by acclaimed local artists. Dennis Toadvine from nearby Forkland works in wood from pieces on his property. His massive statuary is prized by collectors and seen in boardrooms and private homes.


Thunderbird Indian Head of spalted maple. $500.00.


Rockeyed Warrior Folk Art Head of wild cherry with cedar bottom. Height is 3’. Price $500.00.


Horse head. 34” high, 24” at base. Price $600.00.

Words hardly describe the impressiveness of this piece. Carved from a massive poplar tree trunk and set on a walnut base, Denis Toadvine fashioned this horse head with an American Indian motif.

Indian braves sometimes marked their horses with a hand dipped in paint and an outspread hand is carved on the horse’s powerful neck. On the opposite side of the neck, a small carved snake serves as another Indian symbol. The unusual color and striations of the wood, the flared nostrils and the carved mane combine to make an amazing statement in wood.